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My Ghana Holiday Wardrobe

On my recent holiday to Ghana, I was surprised by how easy packing was, and this is rarely the case for me. It helped that we were going somewhere where the weather would be consistenly hot rather than the UK or European holidays I’m more used to having. What was extra pleasing was that IContinue reading “My Ghana Holiday Wardrobe”

Homer and Howells Lennox Boiler Suit plus thoughts on Queen and Country

Phew, what a strange time we Brits and it would seem, the world find ourselves. “The end of an era” will be the catchphrase now to top “the new normal” spawned in the covid pandemic. I wanted to write a blog post on this boiler suit, which is my current favourite and best but myContinue reading “Homer and Howells Lennox Boiler Suit plus thoughts on Queen and Country”

Fibre Mood Sienna with Big Arm Sleeve Hack

I’ve always been the sort of person who only needs to look at a set of dumbbells to gain muscle. Lucky you I hear you say, yep it’s just how the good Lord made me. A couple of decades ago when I was involved in car crash the doctor’s report described me as a “pleasantContinue reading “Fibre Mood Sienna with Big Arm Sleeve Hack”

Big shoes, big smile

My Ghanaian day name is Adjoa, I’m a Monday born Ashanti girl. Go Google Ghanaian day names if you’re interested to know more. Growing up, one of my dad’s nicknames for me was Adjoa bassa bassa. Not speaking the lingo, I’m told that “bassa bassa” is slang referring to something messy, disorganised, not put togetherContinue reading “Big shoes, big smile”

Fibre Mood Moira- Barrel legs and balloon sleeves

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? In a pre-kids, pre-sewing life I enjoyed a good puzzle of middling difficulty. I was not one for those ‘plate of baked beans’, almost one colour excruciating puzzles. A bit more simplicity please. When it comes to sewing, I’m a bit like that too. I usually opt for simple patternsContinue reading “Fibre Mood Moira- Barrel legs and balloon sleeves”

Sew Slow- Marie Shirt

January blues hit hard this year. It was weird. As the new year rolled in I had a heavy sense of “here we go again”. I felt weary. Human beings are so complex, highs can be quickly superceded by lows. Hopefulness can soon fade into discouragement. And bursts of energy can soon turn to weariness.Continue reading “Sew Slow- Marie Shirt”

Fibre Mood Amira- Check out that Tartan

I made a new thing. Nothing new there I hear you say, but this new thing was a little  bit different for me. For a while now I’ve felt that I needed more long skirts in my wardrobe. Before this one, I only had one. I’m more of a short skirt with thick tights kindContinue reading “Fibre Mood Amira- Check out that Tartan”